Meet our Management Team


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Janet Andersen

As Lab President, Janet has the responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development and experience of MicroDental Vancouver’s most important asset – its people. Janet champions MicroDental’s mission: “…helping dentists delight patients” by building a team of dental technicians who are high-performing and trust the values that Janet has demonstrated through her commitment to clients, staff and share-holders.

Janet holds an MBA with a focus on marketing and technology. She is an award-winning Past President of the American Marketing Association and is active both in her business community with The Vancouver Board of Trade and her dental community via The Pacific Dental Conference and other dental shows. She has completed LVI Core 1, attends many lectures on dentistry and stays current with the dental technology that is constantly evolving.

Having owned a successful boutique digital lab – Bavo The Dentists’ Laboratory, Janet has a curiosity that helps her keep a fresh perspective on the dental industry and knows what it takes to lead a team on the path to success.

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Rafael Eilon

Rafael has over 25 years of international experience specializing in digital smile design, and has managed his own lab in Tel Aviv for the past 10 years. With a deep understanding of 3D printing solutions, particularly 3Shape and exocad 3D design software, he makes sure to deliver extraordinary service and quality products to our customers.

Rafael’s extensive experience extends beyond patient treatment planning, diagnostic waxing, PMMA milled provisionals and digital imaging. With all his technical prowess, plus skilled communication and problem solving with our dentists and within the lab environment, Rafael brings a unique set of leadership values to the MicroDental Vancouver team.

Rafael’s friendships and contacts with top dental technicians and opinion leaders around the world, positions him at the forefront of technology which he applies to his every day workflow in the lab.